Various kind of asbestos

Asbestos is a natural mineral. It does not conduct heat or electricity, is chemically inert, odourless, fireproof and insoluble. These physical properties made the mineral suitable for a wide range of commercial applications. Some products include adhesives, brake pads, clutch discs, ceiling tiles, wall panels, tiles, electrical switches, fire extinguishers and boiler insulation. There are six types of asbestos. This tremolite, actinolite, chrysotile, anthophyllite, Amos and crocidolite.

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Tremolite has not been used so widely in products such as other types of asbestos. However, it is used in products such as talc powder. This kind of asbestos can be found in ultrabasic rocks that can be found in the USA, Europe and other regions. The colour of tremolite can vary from brown to grey or from white to green.

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Actinolite occurs in metamorphic rocks. It can be green, white or grey. Its commercial applications are insulating materials for home and vermiculite products.

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Chrysotile is also known as white asbestos, the most common form of asbestos. It differs from other types because it has wavy fibres. Other types have straight and needle-like fibres.

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Aantophyllite occurs in ultrabasic rocks. It is less common than other types of asbestos. It occurs more often in countries such as Norway and Finland. It is dark brown. Aantofillit used in the cement slab, insulating materials and sanitary-related products.

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Amosite is also known as brown asbestos or grunerite. Its origin can be traced back to Africa. Commercial applications of Amosite include insulation of cement and pipes.

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Crocidolite is also known as blue asbestos. It is found in Africa and Australia. It accounts for about 4% of the asbestos used in the US. Although it often has a blue colour, it can also be grey. About 18% of people who broke crocidolite died of mesothelioma. Crocidolite was used for the production of cement products.

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Exposure to asbestos can lead to cancer, such as lung cancer and malignant mesothelioma. People suffering from these diseases should study their legal capabilities, as the law allows those who have been exposed to asbestos to receive substantial financial compensation. However, claims for damages must be submitted promptly. An experienced mesothelioma lawyer can receive substantial financial support for a patient with mesothelioma from a mesothelioma settlement.  For more information:

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