How To Organize A Garage?

Garage is one of many places where often looks disorganized. However, the sooner it get organized, the sooner also you can me the most of that space. Organizing a garage can be a complex and tiresome task for homeowners.

When you think of organizing your garage, you should remember that this activity means that you need to find a designated place to keep items while keeping them available for everyday use. These are some tips to help you organize your garage.

How To Organize A Garage
How To Organize A Garage
  1. Sort items in the garage: First of all, sort all the items in your garage and categorize them. You should empty your garage first and start sorting ever items into categories. Separate the items into ‘electric tools’, ‘sporting equipment’, and so on. By doing this, you will realize how much stuff you actually own and by only then you can determine the best way to organize everything. Misplaced items that you found while you’re sorting should be returned to their original and proper place. You should also sort thing that should be in the garage from things that should be in the attic, basement, or else. Even better, try to sell items that are not useful for you at a garage sale. Also remember to recycle things that you decide to throw away before actually throwing them away.
  2. Separate seasonal goods and equipment: A special rack or cabinet should be installed to store lawn maintenance items and to keep them accessible. You should also group winter-related items such as ice scrapers, snow blowers, skis, snow shovels, and sheds together. You should also keep the goods related to summer together in a cabinet. Near the beginning of a season, you should plan this grouping activity and rotate the summer and winter items places in the cabinet. For other sporting goods, drawers and shelves should be designed.
  3. Additional cabinets and shelves: While organizing, you should think about additional storage space to help you keep and maintain the organization. Cabinets and shelves should be mounted on the walls. The most basic principle is to store equipment and items that you use on everyday basis in a way that makes them become accessible each time you need them.
  4. Make efficient working area: Installing a table or bench would be a great choice if you were using your garage as your workshop. A pegboard and sturdy tool chest are great to store your tools and keep them accessible.
  5. Relocate recycling bins and trash nearby the garage: To easily dispose of waste and unwanted items from your garage, it is a good idea to relocate the recycling bins and trash near your garage entrance. By doing this, you won’t be tempted to store certain goods or items since the bins are too far away.

Some DIY ideas for organizing your garage

From garden tools to hangers to adding colors for your garage, you can just do DIY so you won’t spend so much money for your organizing project. We have some tips that will make cleaning and organizing your garage becomes something that is fun and something that you can brag about when it’s done.

  1. Shove rack to store garden tools: As mentioned before, organizing garage starts from getting bigger tools out of the way. You can build an amazing rack for shovels, rakes, and other gardening tools by using only a few pieces of wood and nails. Just cut slots for the tools to put them in and you can get them off easily and make them more organized.
  2. Floor tile as wall covering: You can clean up your garage by adding something to the walls. Tile is a good choice, you can find tiles cheaply at most home improvement stores or by checking your local dollar store. Just install the tile to the wall like you would do to the floor and voila, you can have a neat place that looks prettier and better that it did with concrete walls.
  3. Beautifying garage by painting steps: Your garage doesn’t have to look like a typical garage. You can paint it and add color if you want it to be brighter. If you have steps into the garage, you can paint the steps in bright color and add a message to anyone who steps above them. This is an excellent way to brighten up a boring and dull space.
  4. Ceiling storage to save up space: One of the best ways to store things is by installing a ceiling storage space. You can create a sliding ceiling storage system that hangs from the garage ceiling and saves your entire floor and wall area for other things. Some plastic bins will turn your garage ceiling into the perfect organization and storage solution and it’s easy to build so you can do it by yourself.

Now, if you really want to get your garage organized and you just don’t think that you have what it takes to do DIY, you should ask a handyman to build shelves, cabinets, and closets right in your garage. Invest in some great storage units and you can start organizing, sorting, and storing.

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